just sold my ltz what do i get now?

im lookin at a 05 trx 450r new tires and rims or a 03 grizzly 660 new tires and rims with plow. Iv ben finding myself doing more mud riding than any thing. But all my friends still have sport quads and i dont want to be the only four wheel drive. But i still have my 85 atc 200x i can ride and do wheelies on. idk what to do they want 2500 for the grizzly and 2500 for the trx i ride lots of sand pits and lots of mud so its a hard choice :bonk:

My motto is to never ride a utility quad anywhere I can ride a sport quad! But, sometimes the rocks get to big and the stream crossings get to deep, and a utility is called for. So, I have to own both, along with some dual-sport bikes.

Of all the belt drive big bore utilities, the Griz is probably the best. My Rancher 420 rocks, but probably isn't the greatest mud machine (of no consequence to me here in the southwest desert!).

well the grizzly is sold :[ so im gonna look at the 450r but i kinda want a 4wd how are scramblers?

the best mix for you would be a scrambler 500 then, or even a renegade, but they might be a "bit" too pricey!

also the scrambler looks a bit on the heavy side to me, don't know for sure though.

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