Dinli Dino 50 (2002)

I've had this ATV for years and it has been very dependable until this month. My kids use it daily but it has become hard to start at times. Sometimes you get on it and it fires right up, other times it cranks over but doesn't catch.

Symptoms: Plug is dry and sparks fine, pull carb and inlet is wet with gas. Carb is clean as well.

Spray starting fluid and it fires right up and then dies which tells me it is fuel related, but since the inlet is wet it seems to be getting fuel.

Air Filter is clean with no obstructions.

Maybe the auto-choke is not working correctly?

Not sure if these bikes have a reed or not, I guess I will pull the plastic off to get at the motor and see, hopefully they are not cracked or busted since parts are non-existent anymore.

Any other ideas on what to check for?

Reed block in good shape

I guess I will pull the exhaust off and pull the head

Sounds like the float is stuck shut or low compression. Might be time for a top end....what is the compression?

I didn't check the compression before I pulled the head. The cylinder and piston look to be in great shape, no scuffing at all. I found a place online that sells rings so hopefully I can order a set ($39!). The bike has good power when running but it does smoke more than before especially when starting.

I wouldn't think it was the float since the bowl always has gas in it when I check the drain to determine if it was fuel related.

Thanks for the help!

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