Has this happened to anyone else

Has anyone ever purchased a part from a vendor that has a 1 yr guaranted warranty, then when the part breaks, have them not stand behind the warranty?

I had this happen to a me. I purchased a sprocket from sidewinder, was told by the salesman that the part carries a 1 yr warrantee. told that if anything went wrong with the part, they will replace it free of charge. I purchased the sproket only to have it break in less then 2 months. Only had maybe 8 races if that on it.

When i phoned the company, I was told the only thing they could do would be to sell me a new one.

Please advise if this has happened to you and how did you handle it.

Sorry, I made a typo. It was stated that it carries a lifetime warranty.

Some aftermarket parts are not warrantied for racing use. Read the fine print before you buy, and be sure that the warranty specifically states that the part is warrantied even for racing use.

No warranty for racing. This would also include the machine you race.

Not the first bad thing I've heard about Sidewinder products.........come to think about it this is exactly the same problem I heard about before.....

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