Anyone in the Anza Borrego/Ocotillo area?


Hey everyone.

Just started going to these sites, not many on this thread but who knows. Anyway, I think it would be cool to find some others in San Diego County who go out to the State park OHV area.

Also, anyone know the weather in Ocotillo Wells and Anza area? Some sites have said 100+ heat and others are saying thunderstorms. I know this may sound siucidal, but I'm dying to ride my quad because I haven't had time this last season and if its cloudy and not too hot it would be awesome to go out there for a day or 2. I doubt anyone else would be interested in going but its worth a shot.

We ride out there all the time....when it is cool! At Ocotillo we ride the quads, and in Borrego the dual-sprot bikes. Even a night ride would be ridiculously hot....

If you want a place to ride in the summer, head for the mountains! Not sure what is available down there, but lots of stuff in the San Bernardino Mtns., if you are willing to do a drive.

yea, it was wishful thinking. i know its insane trying to go out there at this time of year. we may go to corral canyon, down in alpine...but i think ill just have to force myself to be patient.:bonk:

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