Honda 400 ex Steering Stabilizer


I've been a member of thumper talk for awile and wanted some infor on steering stabilizers for my 400 EX. I ended up buying one already off Ebay a bolt on style for $130, I'll let you know how it works out this fall, Until then any informaiton would be apreciated.

I run the Denton stabilizer. Looks like it is available from Golden West, but doesn't have the Denton name on it....

i hope you got one like this bad boy i got it off ebay brand new for 125.00 they are 140.00 nowPicture045.jpgPicture044.jpgPicture046.jpgthe shock style doesnt hold up as for this one i love it and cant beat the price!!!

I didn't see any of those, it looks nice, I got the Bilitanium one, it is a shock style, but not like the automotive shock one I also saw. I'll test it out when I get back from Germany, where, by the way, you can drive licensed quads down any road. Bad Ass.

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