my new toy

picked this up this first ever Quad :bonk:


it is bloody brilliant fun...only did a handfull of miles of it this afternoon as i was busy fetling with it you do! setting the levers to suit me and generaly getting familar with it

it has a load of goodies fitted already, i'm over the moon with it

congrats, nice pick, you will have lots of fun with it!!

Nice pic of a nice quad in beautiful country. Odd seeing front blinkers and rear view mirrors on a quad though!

Congrats! Looks good. :bonk:

Nice quad. Are they street legal in your neck of the woods?

Nice quad. Are they street legal in your neck of the woods?

yes :bonk: classed as a PLG (same as a car)

it has reverse gear too and i really do enjoy it, so much more fun than using the car when it is raining

you gotta take some wheelie shots :bonk:


spent a good bit of time at the weekend putting all the suspension settings back to stock so i can get to learn the quad as it should be...the settings were all over the place

the last couple of days have been really good on the quad, esp this morning with it lashing it down :bonk: also the 6psi all round has made a real differance thanks RP

my new airfilter and rear brake pads have arrived so will be fitting both at the weekend........the oil on the dipstick is pretty clean looking so no rush to do an oil change for now but will get on and do it within the next month, i have a new oil filter ready and waiting

getting a new set of front Claws fitted on saturday morning so a busy weekend ahead

a quick picture of my baby , taken on saturday while out enjoying the rain



thank you all for the good info and guidance


she is all serviced with oil and filter change and new twin air filter fitted and ready to rock

some pics taken this afternoon



was being watched



some close-ups







thats awsome

cheers last one from that set


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