wondering whats the best quad for me

i live in New Zealand i want to do trail riding maybe a race here and there and i am a very light rider at under a 110 pounds i am 5' 7" and i am quite experienced i have been riding my trx 250 utility quad for about 2-3 years but it just doesnt have enough grunt


any help appreciated :bonk:

seriously i am looking at the ltz 400 would that suit me?

thanks the only thing close to that i have ridden is a sportsman 500

What kind of racing are you thinking about getting into? Will you want to use the quad for work as well? There are a number of good utility quads that are great for trail riding, mudding and just all around fun that can be workhorses as well. If you are not doing any work with it, there are also a number of fun quads. Without more info, hard to tell if a Blaster would suit or a YFZ 450, or a Raptor 700. Decide on Utility or Sport quad, then go ride a few and see what you like the best.

i would like a sports bike. i usually ride on preety big straightaways with woops involved but then it gets into some pretty tight twisty stuff so i think i need reverse.

The ltz is a good choice altho the stock shocks will way to stiff for someone as light as you. The KFX400 is the same unit and the KFX450 also has reverse and a much hotter motor. Ride (or at least sit on) as many as you can get your hands on and try to narrow down the field for us a bit. Let us know which ones feel comfortable to you.

You can adjust the stock shocks to your weight and riding style. The ltz400 is one of the most comfortable quads out there. The kfx450r is a really nice quad too but it has a hard seat so it makes it less comfortable on long trail rides. But it has a really nice motor and its faster than the ltz400.

Watch these videos to help you decide what to get.

Here is a video of the 2009 ltz400


If you cant get a new 2009 ltz400. You can get an earlier model used (This video is of the kfx400 but the kfx400 and ltz400 are the same thing)

http://www.atvscene.com/machines/kawasaki/kfx400-05.htm# (This is a link to the article about the quad. The video is on the left.)

Here is a video of the kfx450r


I hope this information helps you decide what quad is right for you.:bonk:

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