oil quantities


Anyone know the oil quantities for my 87 trx 250x? Seems to take quite a bit for no oil resevoir. Any manuals or schematics helpful also.

Same deal for an 01 400 ex. 400 has a cooler, and oil tank.

On the 250, it seems the case may take quite a bit of oil as the dip stick vs bottom of case is a good distance......thanks

Thinking of possibly dropping a cr 500 motor into the 250 chassis this winter.....Just looks a little short and wheelie prone due to the chassis geometry. Anyone done this on a x chassis??? I have access to 250R chassis and parts. Thinking of possibly going with an extended swingarm on the x.

You oil capacity should be stamped on the clutch side of the engine.

As far as you swap plans, take pictures and post them here. The project sounds like fun but I wonder if the 250x frame can handle the CR500 engine! Should make for easy wheelies.

A 500 in an R chassis...you will have trouble keeping the front tires on the ground! A CR250 engine would be better.

With the 400EX (assuming you drained the tank, engine sump, and are replacing the oil filter), I first fill the tank which takes a little less than 2 quarts. I start it up for a couple minutes to let the oil distribute to the filter and sump, then check the oil level and top it up. Take it for a ride, and then check it again.

My 300EX (similar engine to the 250X) didn't hold an unusual amount of oil as I recall. Probably a couple of quarts???

A 500 in an R chassis...you will have trouble keeping the front tires on the ground! A CR250 engine would be better.

I think he's talking about an X chassis. That's even worse!

Looks like it took around the same (250x) actually 1.8 quarts.

Yeah, Ive been throwing the 500 idea around. I got rid of a 88 quadracer 500 a few years ago and miss the power. Looking @ other builds, even the 500 conversion done right on an R chassis, still tweaks and twists. I have a guy that has a custom R chassis sitting........He wants my Thundercat. The X chassis would be a fun build, but starting with that chassis is asking for trouble:bonk:

I've got a 87' cr500 new rebuild and no performance quad to ride. I already have other bikes and that 500 motor is a monster!!!! That 250 just ain't cutting it!!:bonk:

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