I have a 2007 grizzly 450 and the starter is now having problems. What is the correct number of amps and volts the wire that connects to the starter should produce? Trying to check to make sure that enough power is delivering.

Before you do anything, clean each and every battery/wire connection from the battery to the starter and make sure the battery has water in it and is fully charged.

bought a brand new battery and is fully charged

power is going threw the relay and to the starter

when i plugged the starter straight to the battery it spun a sluggish speed

when i plugged it back into the atv, it didnt do anything

6 month old starter... this is the second starter in 4 years

could it be the relay not giving enough power to the starter, how do i check that with a multimeter?

how do you test the starter relay?

i would perform a by-pass test. the 2 large terminals on the solenoid need to be shorted together with a screwdriver with the igition on and bike in neutral. if it spins as it should you need a solenoid. if it still turns slow, might have a bad cable or the bushings in the starter are going.

does it pull start easily? might not be the starter at all. just a thought.

pull starts great

just jumped the cables together and bike started right up :bonk:

ordered a new solenoid

is it common for those to go out?

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