LTZ400 stripped oil tank bolt


I wanted to teach my son how to maintain his '07 when he over tightened the drain plug on the oil tank and stripped the tank threads. Will a helicoil suffice here or should I just drill it out and increase it one size? If increase it, anyone know the current bolt size? Bikebandit and the like don't list the bolt size, only part #.

why mess with it ,go to ebay .

Stubborness and determination to not let it beat me more than anything else......but maybe you're right. I'll browse a little.

oh, i can appreciate that, helicoil does work and in some applications its a must, what does a helicoil kit cost ?

i would still want to take the tank off to do the helicoil

I was thinking to flip it onto the grab bar and you have full access. Then just flush it out real well and viola. I did check out Ebay and that would be the best option outside helicoil.

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