grizzly burnin up regulators


got an 06 grizzly 450, over the weekend riding the regulator ended up frying, its been replaced already and it happened again, and started burnin up wires and putting off quite a bit of smoke. wat could cause it? im not to good with electrical systems but know some of the basics. only thing i could think of would be a short circuit somewhere?

you are on the right track. i would check where the wires come out of the lower case 1st as that is a common spot for most rub throughs.

Make sure the battery is in good shape. A battery that is weak or has shorted cells will over work the regulator. Espeacially with a load on the electrical system, Lights, heated grips Etc. Your dealer or auto center should be able to perform a load test to make sure it's up to specs.

Could be the Stator behind the flywheel going bad/Wire from Stator to the regulator bare.Good luck.

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