Help, carb trouble


Hey guys, anyone know why, when I turn the fuel valve on, the drain hose underneath the float bowl is constantly dripping fuel, so it will start initially but then if you shut it down and then try starting it again, it remains flooded. To get it started again, I have to turn off fuel valve for at least 5 minutes and then restart. If the bike is off and the fuel valve is on, it would drain every bit of fuel out the the fuel tank. That is how bad it is. My manual is of no help.:bonk:

Now I also have a dead battery, I think, I put it on the trickle charger and the charger fully charged the battery. The high beams work like normal and green neutral light in on, but the starter only make one click noise. Any help would be appreciated.:bonk::cheers:

Carb float needs adjusting and maybe a good cleaning too.

Carb float needs adjusting and maybe a good cleaning too.

I'll start with that, It's been sitting for quite some time with old fuel and was not stored properly.

The needle valve that feeds the fuel from the tank into the carb is dirty and not able to seal causing the float bowl to over fill. This in turns causes the fuel to overflow out of the float bowl. It can also flow into the intake manifold through the intake valve if it is not seated past the piston rings into the crankcase. After taking care of the carb problem, it would be a good idea to change your oil.

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