My raptor idles but won't open up!?


It will start just fine, but when you open the throttle a little, it starts to pop and backfire with loss of rpm's. I can't get any higher than a good idle. I cleaned the carbs and fixed the problem for about a couple of passes, then it went back to doing the same thing. I went through the carbs again but no improvement. Could it be in the valves? I don't think it jumped time but possible.

If cleaning the carbs made it run better for a couple of passes then that was the problem. Since it's reoccuring you likely have contaminated fuel. I'd drain the tank and clean the carb again.

Does the reverse light come on when this happens? If not and cleaning the carbs doesnt do the trick check the park brake rev limiter, if the light does come on then check or diconnect the wire for the reverse rev limiter.

Another thing to check is the fuel petcock. The screen could be clogged up not letting fuel flow fast enough to keep up.

Be careful about your intake hoses from your air, mine came loose and trash was getting in.

It was doing the same thing.

It would idle, but then hitting the gas made it kill

Check the parking break. It has a rev limiter on it too! that drove me nuts for hours trying to solve that one.

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