Bayou 250 decel pop

I have an '07 250 Bayou that I got for my wife. We're at 7000ft so I got a DynoJet kit for it as it ran way to rich. Followed all the instructions for the hi altitude and I notice when I ride it and get up to full throttle that I get a pop when I let off the throttle. Otherwise, it's running very strong. They suggested the needle clip be in the top spot. I lowered the needle clip one spot to richen the mid throttle (figuring that was the problem) and I'm still getting some pop though not as bad. Should I go down 1 more clip? Could the DynoJet guys be that far off? Or am I working the wrong circuit? Oh yea, the DynoJet guide states the settings for hi altitude as above 5500ft.

Sounds like your Pilot Jet is a little rich, try adjusting the air/fuel screw. Turn it all the way in then 1 1/2's out and see what that does.

pilots probly the problem, but sometimes that sound could be that your running to lean. if what the guy aboves advise doesnt work do the old fashion way of checking. take the bike out, when its warm go out and go wide open, the clutch it and hit the kill switch. pull your spark plug, if its white your wayy lean. if its very little color your lean. your want a grey color to be perfect. let me know if this helps

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