Wisconsin ATV parks?

I hope that a few people read this post and I can get some opinions here. I've only been riding in north carolina for a couple years and in the short time that I've been here I've realized that the atv scene is much more active down here because they have MANY atv parks, mx parks and trail systems and many of them are open 24/7. Back home (wisconsin) I know a lot of people who have dirtbikes and atvs that love to ride just as much as I do but they have nowhere to go to ride except a few small trail systems and a few mx tracks that are only open if there is a race or scheduled practice. It seems that everyone is more concerned about the snowmobile season. With that being said, what does everyone think about an offroad park being opened on private land in the northwoods? The park would consist of a mx track, a pee wee mx track, flat track, mud bogs, a drag strip and a trail system and possibly a mud bog/play area for 4x4 trucks. Open 24/7 you come in, sign a waivor and pay oh say $15 per rider for a day of riding and $20 if you want to camp over night as long as you are out by 10am the next morning. Just an idea that me and a friend are thinking about. Wisconsin atv/dirbike riders need some serious help...what does everyone think? If anyone is interested or has any suggestions please email me at lewiville06@gmail.com

brah you gotta consider the cost of insurance. you wouldn't want a fallin rider suing you blind huh?

It really shouldn't be that big of a deal, I mean that's what the waivor is for and also put up signs saying "ride at your own risk" all the parks and mx tracks down here do just that and if there are all these atv parks down here in the south, then I don't see why we cant have a decent one up north...

you can have all the signs and waivers you want but fallin riders can legally sue you. with that said good luck brah :bonk:

go for it!

yea, i dunno we'll see what happens

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