Grizzly or No Grizzly?


Im in the market for a new atv. Ive always been a yamaha fan and trust them for great rides. i currently ride a yz250f at the moment. but how does the grizzly 700 stand up to its competitors? I know there are awesome atvs out there. What do you guys think? Grizzly or should i keep my options open?

wut quads are you lookin at so far??

I have rode for over 20 years I have an 08 700 non power steering grizz best machine I have owned.Read reviews in QUAD magazine and Dirtwheels mag they have ranked as the best all around big bore 4X4 on the market since it has come out.

I just bought a 2010 700 with 31" outlaws and 2" lift. Its one badass machine. Definitely stands up to its rep.

I have a 2009 Yamaha Grizzly 700 DU version with the power steering. It has been great for everything so far. When we go hunting it has been able to get me to places where it would have been impossible to access otherwise. The power steering is a great option for ease of use. No more problems making tight turns or log hopping. The push button part time 4x4 and diff lock is very handy. There are plenty of aftermarket accessories for this one now and it is fun to Farkle out. I put the drop basket rack on the back to hold ducks and gear. My Retriever has a great time riding on the back with me. I like it better then the Bombardier counterpart although that one is "OK" too. If you go in the mud or sand or rocks this is a great all around quad.

Of the belt drive automatics, it is the best by a pretty wide margin. Handling is very sporty, for a utility. Still, it's no sport quad....

Do you have any saddle time riding utilities? Wondering what you have to compare to?

A couple of months ago when I was in the market for an ATV I looked at the Grizzly (I have a 2008 Big Bear so I looked at the Yamaha first). Although the Grizzly seemed to be OK, I bought a 750 Brute Force. Probably can't go wrong with either brand truth be told.

If you are getting through the terrain fine on a dirt bike, you may not need a utility. My motto is to never ride a utility anywhere I can ride a sport quad. Be sure you actually need a big heavy ute that will kill you when you roll it over, vs a light, sweet little sport quad.

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