Kennedy Meadows Ride Report w/Pics (July 2009)


I usually ride a quad but on this trip I am on two wheels.

Matt (socalmatt), Dave, and I reached the Troy Overflow campground around 2:30pm on Wednesday July 8th for 3 days of riding. The temps all week were in the upper 70s, maybe the low 80s in some areas, at night it dropped into the 40s. The weather was perfect, mostly blues skys. The campgrounds and trails were almost empty, even when we were leaving Saturday there still was not many people around.

Let me start out by saying in all I have only road a dirtbike 3 times in the last 2 years and only a few times before that 17 years ago. I have never road on single track or in rocks before, so this was definately trial by fire. In the end I only dumped the bike once and only stalled it in the rocks 3 times in the 3 day of riding. I was able to ride through evey section I attempted with not too much effort, although the tight section with a cliff on one side really got my heart rate up.

I borrowed my freinds 2005 KLX300 for this trip and it was the perfect bike for me to start on in that type of terrain. Matt was riding his brand new 450x and Dave on his KX250 2-Stroke. :bonk:

Day One:

We started day one riding the Fish Creek connector trail to Jackass Creek Trail to the Albanita Trail. Our plan was to ride to the Monache 4x4 Trail but it was getting dark and we had to turn back. In all we rode just under 20 miles on our day one warmup ride.

Going up 9 Mile Canyon Road:


The Troy Meadow Over Flow Campground:



The following pictures taken along Jackass Creek Trail:











Up Next Day Two :bonk:


Day Two:

Today we'll be riding the Beach Ridge Trail, to Albanita Trail, to Little Horse Trail to Osa Meadow and back. In all I we did about 35 miles on this ride. Mostly easy trails but there ws some very challenging sections on the Beach Ridge Trail.

Some pictures along the trail:



This is were I took my one and only dirt nap, you can see where I fell just past the log on the right. I was heading towards the camera. It figures I would loose it on the smoothest, flatest, easiest spot in the whole place: :bonk:


Just another trail pic:


There was a lightning fire up on Little Horse Trail, they closed the Beach Trail the next day because of it:


Little Horse Trail to Osa Meadow was some very easy riding:




Now we are back on the Beach Ridge Trail and starting to hit some of the more of the tuff stuff:




Relaxing with a beer back at camp:


Next up Day Three


The last day of riding was supposed to be Mahogany Creek Trail, to Rattlesnake Trail to Bonita Meadow and Sherman Peak. This was going to be our "Big" ride for the week.

We started out on Mahogany Creek Trail and this was no fooling around, large rocks, steep cliff, and then some more rocks and tight swith backs next to a cliff followed by more rocks.

Well somewhere along this trail I must have lost one of the clamps holding on my tail pipe. Just when we about to connect onto the Rattlesnake Trail my pipe fell off. We did some trail side work and wired it back on but decided it best to turn around and head back and fix it properly at camp. We decided to salvage the day by riding up to the Bald Mountain Lookout Tower. On the way down from Bald Mountain the pipe fell off again and this time it filled with dirt, as far as riding goes my trip was done. We only did about 10 miles, 10 very tuff miles. :bonk: At least I got to ride that Tuff section on Mahogany to realy test my skills.

I saw Matt having trouble and I knew it was going to get tuff. I stalled twice on this trail but never got off my bike and was able to ride it all:

Matt & I are already up and waiting for Super Dave.

Dave heading up:



It proved too much for Super Dave and he started pushing until he gave up and Matt took over (this is Dave's first time riding in this type of terrain too):








DOH!!! This will turn out to be the end of my ride:




The following are pictures from the Bald Mountain Lookout Tower:



Looking towards Mt. Whitney, you can ee the fire near the Little Horse and Beach trails:


Terry mans the lookout tower:


Where my pipe fell off again:


Some pictures from around camp:

No more riding, time to go sailing with Sailor Jerry:



Matt (aka socalmatt) will be adding pictures from Day One & Day Two:


Hey...some nice pics!

We will be headed to Kennedy maybe next month, so I am going to need to pick some trails that aren't to rocky. My plated KLX250S is based off the older KLX300, which is supposed to be a descent trail bike, but it is heavier becasue of all the street and smog gear.

I have been exploring all the street legal only roads in the San Bernardino Mountains, and haveing a real blast!!!

Hey...some nice pics!

We will be headed to Kennedy maybe next month, so I am going to need to pick some trails that aren't to rocky. My plated KLX250S is based off the older KLX300, which is supposed to be a descent trail bike, but it is heavier becasue of all the street and smog gear.

I have been exploring all the street legal only roads in the San Bernardino Mountains, and haveing a real blast!!!

We had a great time. :bonk:

If you stay in the Troy Overflow they have maps next to the Outhouse at the entrance. The least rocky trails are to the north. Start out by taking the connector trail from the right of the outhouse in Troy Overflow to the Fish creek campground, from the Fish creek campground take Jackass Creek trail up to Albinita Trail. All that is kinda easy with some tight sections. You can take that up to the Little Horse Trail (very easy) or the Monache 4x4 trails too. You can make a loop out of it and come back the Beach Ridge Trail but that trail does have some tight rocky sections.

Wayne keep me posted on the dates you head up, I may be able to make another trip next month.

Your KLX250 will lug right through most of that stuff, I believe it is around 40 pounds heavier than the KLX300, nice bike, been thinking of getting one myself.


The KLX250S needs some gearing changes for the trail, but I had it up over 9,000' this weekend, and the lean factory jetting (mine is still bone stock) seems to work well at altitude.

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