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bike to bike Two way radios

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well last week on the B-day ride with my wife, I finally got the radios working on the bikes. I'm very pleased with their performance, and they were certainly a great help to my wife when we were riding the trails. I was leading, and she was following usually 100 to 300 yards behind me.

It was REALLY nice to be able to call back to her while moving, and warn her of various obstacles.

Things like, "Stay to the left", "watchout for the rock on the right", "avoid the deep ruts after the turn", etc.

It definaely helped her to get through some trails that she would otherwise have not been as likely to try.

as well as the one time she did flip, she was able to call out to me immediaely for help, as opposed to me waiting for her to catch up, and not knowing she needed help.

it was also nice that she could call to me and say "Lets take a break", "or have some lunch", or "wiat a minute, I want to take a picture", etc.

The radios I choose are Midland FRS/GMRS handhelds, model number GTX900's, and then I installed Midlands Closed Face Helmet Sets,

(AVP h-2's I think, but I'll double check that for you later),

into both of our helmets.

The helmet sets have the speakers, and mic mounted in the helmets, and a quick disconnect plug for the cable, they are very comfortable, and you can not even feel them inside the helmets.

There is also a cable that velcros to the handlebar, that is the PTT button.

these would also work nicely for anyone racing a track, and wanting to communicate with someone watching or in the pits.

it was very easy to route the wires under the factory plastics/seat, and made for a clean install, that is still quickly removable if necessary.

Maybe later on I'll take some pics of the radios, headsets, and install. It would be very easy to adapt/route onto any model/brand of quad, bike, SxS, etc.

So far, the only real pain in the arse, is remembering to unplug your helmet when you want to get off the quad.

It wasnt a problem for me, due to my cable was routed to come up from my tankbag and was easy to access while sitting on the quad.

Hers was routed to the rear cargo bag, and the wire ran down her back. this made for sort of a "out of sight, out of mind" and she forgot a couple of times to remove her helmet before getting off the quad.

I may consider putting a good beltclip style cell phone holder, on our chest protectors, and keeping the radios on ourselfs. then the only thing tethered to the quads would be the PTT buttons.

These particular radios DO HAVE a VOX function, and I suppose that the PTT might be able to be eliminated, but I've not been too impressed with the VOX functions of other electronics, that are not a true duplex/mulitplex type of function, and are in a noisy environment.

they have a tendancy to have a second or two time delay, and also a tendancy to cancel out too soon.

I pesonally can not stand a Bluetooth of the above reasons.

First they have the VOX function with the user,(and surrounding noises), then they have the time delay of Bluetooth to users cell phone.

Just try to talk to someone on a cell phone, who is in a noisy environment, and you'll see what I mean.

Then have your own Bluetooth/cell phone, also in a noisy environment at the same time, and it will drive you banana's.

With a "Hard/Direct wired"setup, and a PTT button, you eliminate all those problems, and besides, If you already ride with a Kill Switch teather, the wire to you helmet can be routed along with it, and still have plenty of slack for body/head movements, without being a distraction, or hendrance.

So far, I'm happy with the setup, and performance, and range,...

But I will also see what I can come up with for ease of getting on and off the quad, and convience of "helmet plug in".

I'll try to get some pics and post them up soon.

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