Ignition Problem?, quad bogs down when throttling up


anyone ,,, I have a 08 450xc and 525xc.. race both , 450 is stock.. after practice last week I washed the bike and then it would die everytime I hit the throttle. starts and idles just fine.. thought I had a carb problem. checked it out completely and readjusteted everything , swapped carbs between the two bikes, same problem, swapped CDI units , same problem , swapped ignition coils, same problem. disconnected every connector and cleaned, same problem , changed sparkplug, same problem.... a couple of hints are where to go next would be appreciated,, manual is pretty basic..gotta be something simple.... a little frustrated right now. pulled the muffler , same problem.

TPS is wet in the Thumb Throttle or Carb Boot has a crack in it...Acelerator Pump could be plugged also...call Walt Hooker "FastRanchero64" over on KTMATVHQ.com he is the carb guru...you need his mods...

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