Looking for info on Raptor's


Looking to purchase my first quad, coming off of a 98 YZ400F dirtbike. I'm thinking a Raptor would fit my riding style. I don't know anything about them so looking for info on which years to stay away from if any, things to look for when looking at something to purchase etc.

The 01 model has a problem with 2nd gear, if the tranny has been upgraded then you should be ok. I have an 01 and an 03 the only other issue is the rev limiter but it is easily fixed. They are solid fun bikes, the only thing that has been done to my 01 is the 2nd gear replacement. It is due for an overhaul but the thing just keeps on going strong.

Oil tank drain stem leaks from cracking on all years. Found this out after I purchased a used 2002 Raptor 660. Rode it once, changed oil, rode again to find half the oil on my garage floor. Used tanks on E-bay from $10 and Stainless steel customs up to $250.

Reverse rev limiter seems to be an issue, but easily disabled.

The Raptor 700's are awesome rides! The SE's with the upgraded (adjustable ) shocks are the way to go. These things are very versatile and very reliable. For trail riding or dunes I haven't ridden a better machine. Having fuel injection and reverse makes life a lot easier. If I had it to do over again, I get a Raptor instead of YZF450.

I'm also looking for info on Raptors, specifically an '06 350 SE. My supervisor is looking at one on craigslist and we want to know if there are any specific trouble areas that we should pay specific attention to. The quad in question has 80 hours on it.

I am a new Raptor 660 owner, I just bought a super clean 01, had the normal PB limiter, but actually fixed it at the campground.

Lots of info at raptor forums dot com.

I bought my raptor new and the only problem's Ive had are the starter one-way broke and the oil tank leak at the drain which just happened. I think the raptor is a great choice for all types of riding, I ride mine from sand dunes to rock hopping with the 4x4 quads.

Raptor 660 or 700, your choice all great quads. Reliable and lots of power once you uncork them. Stock they are bit of a dog. I like the raptor better than the 450 series quads. They have a better top end, but that can be fixed by putting a cam in the 660. THe 660 has nicer suspenstion, but could use wheel spacers or a wider rear axle. And revers! Don't forget about reverse! You'll think its silly until you actually use it!

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