07 Grizzly 400 one rear tire not working


I have a 2007 Yamaha Grizzly with less than 500 miles. I put it in the water for the first time yesterday and the ultramatic held up suprisingly well with no slips as I was previously warned about. However, after coming out of the water my 4x4 button would not stay in for some time and now my left rear wheel is not providing any traction. When I put it in two wheel drive I am only getting power from my right rear tire and in four wheel I have power from the front two and back rear tire. Could my rear hub possibly of been damaged? What would cause this issue? Thanks in advance.

Sounds to me like you have a broken cv joint or a more severe problem in the gearcase there is no diff in the rear so its not possible for only one rear wheel to spin unless something is broken.

Forgot one other possibility check and see if the rear hub splines are ok you could have stripped out the splines if the nut had worked loose or never tightened properly

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