Thoughts on Grizzly 125 or Lt160 for my son? Want some feedback.

I have a 9-1/2 year old & he's almost 70 lbs. He started on a 50cc quad when he was 5, then moved him to a PW80 dirtbike about 1-1/2 years ago. He wants another quad & I'm having trouble deciding on what to get him. I think/know that the current 90 4S that are out will make him bored quick. He's not a racer, but is a good responsible rider. I was thinking along the lines of a mid size 2WD quad. From my searching I kinda narrowed it down to a Yami Grizzly 125 or a Susuki Lt160. I have posted elsewhere & have got alot of responses for Trailblazers & Blasters & other 200-250cc rides, but think he's not there yet---or maybe I'm not, LOL. I watched a lot of vids posted on YouTube to get a feel for both machines. Most vids actually have teens or adults on them, so I'm comfortable with their power.

Anyone got any good or bad about them or another comparable model to look at? Not looking for a racer. Something that has enough torque to play in the woods & hills & is reliable. These look like they'd top out at 40ish...which is plenty.


These "intermediate" years are though ones to find the right machine! Both these machines are kind of heavy clunkers, and I wouldn't recommend either one!

My daughter started on the LT80, then moved up to the LT160...but only for a short time. She quickly jumped to the 300EX, and the 160 was really unnecessary.

For my son, I just kept him on the Honda 90 (which is large for a kids quad) as long as possible, then went to the 250EX when he was bigger (I would go Raptor 250 if doing it today).

Ide actually go with the 250ex i owned one a couple years ago and it was fun and still did 52 !!! plus its shaft driven and VERY reliable i didn't have a problem with it except for it needing a new piston cause we put it to the test A LOT lol

I have an 8yr old & 10 yr old daughter. I picked up an old '84 LT185 @ $250 for them and it works good. My 8yr old is a bit too small, but the 10yr old is doing great. They've only had it a short period of time and are small enough to be intimidated by the speed, so 2nd is pretty much it right now. But I think it'll work for them just fine even at 14. I wouldn't consider a bigger bike right now as they'd be too small to handle it.

My neighbor has an 11yr old boy who is very big. Dad is 6'5" and mom is 6'. The boy looks like he's 3-4yrs older than my daughter, not just 1yr. And I know all the kids from 2nd grade to 6th grade at my kids' school, so I know what big is. His dad bought him a blaster, but he feels like this bike is too much for his boy. I don't think the kid's even been past 2nd gear on it.

Personally, I think a 250ex & a blaster are fine for a 13 yr old - possibly a 12 yr old. But 9-10, you probably still want him on a little smaller of a bike. A 200 4 stroker would be good, but bigger? How well do you really think he can handle a 400lb bike? Either stretch out the smaller bike 3 more years or get one of the bikes you mentioned.

The only downside to the the lt185 I have is that I have to teach them to shift, but then again it tends to keep them out of the higher gears so they don't go as fast too. A fully auto bike would be nice at this age, just to give them less to think about and help them to focus on learning to drive.

In the end, it's your call. I think you're on the right track. At 9 1/2, he's probably not big enough to handle a heavier bike and probably wont be until he's about 12. Either way there are compromises, unless you've got the bucks. Keep him on too small of a bike now & get him a bigger bike at 12. Or get him a better size now and have too small of a bike at 14.

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