Blaster piston


I keep on blowing my piston in my 06 blaster so in order for it not to blow again what should i do is there a specific make of piston i should get??

How long does the piston last and how does it blow?

If there is a hole in the top, you're jetted too lean and if the skirt breaks off at the sides, your bore is too loose.

To make a top end last, jet properly, use a quality 2 stroke oil and keep the air filter clean. Yes, it's that easy but after 50 hours, I would replace the top end regardless. If it were mine, it would be replaced closer to 30 hours. Replacing the top end is cheap and easy on a Blaster. :bonk:

I think it is because i was slowing down with the gears because I have removed the oil injection

What does downshifting have to do with removing oil injection? Be careful downshifting that you don't over rev the engine!

I was on a practice track and as i came to the corner i was going in fourth gear and then downshifted into two. And my blaster stalled itself

What does the piston look a pic. That will tell us a lot. Are the skirts broke off, or one of them?

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