2006 outlaw 500 starter?


Hey all,

just picked up a '06 outlaw 500, guy i got it from stated the starter bendix needed replacing? after tinkering a bit, the starter actually engages, but won't turn the motor over, it acts like it's hitting a mechanical blockage.

After pulling the magneto cover and checking the reduction gears for binding,and making sure the flywheel turns, I'm stumped! :bonk:

also, does the magneto center section that's bolted to the flywheel supposed turn independently of the flywheel?

is it possable the starter is faulty and does'nt have enough left in it to turn it over?


Rick , Ore

:bonk: looks like the 1 way clutch between the magneto and the starter ring gear is shot! have both the 1 way clutch and a starter on the way, so we'll see if this is the fix i'm looking for

Rick, Ore:ride:

OK! so i get the magneto off, and the 8 cap bolts holding the 1 way clutch on have been sheared completely off and the remainding pieces are binding the starter gear up!:bonk: after a quick call to a friend with a machine shop and some new cap bolts, I've got it put back together and running

, going to give it 30 minutes of run time and drain the crankcase oil and change the filter again ( flushed the crankcase before reassembly )

will be taking it out this weekend and seeing how well my repairs are going to work out, motor has a little noise on the timing chain side, so I'll be keeping an ear on that :bonk:

Rick, Ore

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