Need help! 2004 400ex


There is a slight rattling noice when my 2004 400ex at a low rpm. When i rev it up in neutral just a little bit theres a fast rattle in my bike. Also when im in gears at a low rpm it rattles. I checked to make sure nothing was loose on it and i couldnt find anything and i dont know if its somthing to worry about or not. Im not for sure but it kinda sound like it might be in the transmission cant really tell though its hard to pin point exactly were its at. If you guys got any ideas i would appreciate your help. Its kinda hard to explain im trying to explain it the best i can.


i figured it out the skid pate was loose. i figured it was going to be timing chain but it wasnt.

Glad to see You found your problem. I was thinking either timing chain or valve train also.

Yup thank you. If i ever here it again ill have pretty good idea what it is now

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