06 Wont start


I need help...

It all started a bout a month ago when one of my shift forks decided to go. I tore it all apart and replaced everything that need to be fixed, buttoned it back up and put it back into my bike and now i can't get it to start.

I have spark, i have fuel, the bike has compression and i'm pretty sure it is timed.

Timing it has been a pita i started by trying to time it through the right side off the gear, Tried starting it and all it would sound like it wassn't timed right. so i got on here and learned about timing it off the flywheel. when I do that the mark on the gear is about 90 degrees off from the flywheel mark for tdc. i've set the timing off the flywheel and still nothing. if i give it a lot of gas it will backfire every once in a while other than that nothing.

My questions are:

1. Why is the marks not lining up from the flywheel to the gear on the other side?

2. Why wont it start?

I got my book out and looking at the pictures and reading how to set the cam timing I will try to tell you what it says and shows. The crank is set by the mark on the gear behind the large plug with the allen hole cut in it. There should be a small pointer or arrow on the out side of the case that should point the punch mark on the primary drive gear. It also sayes to turn the crankshaft clockwise to align the punch mark. Then carefully set the cam sprocket onto the cam chain so the timming marks on the sprocket are aligned with the index marks on the cam shaft holder. then install cam sprocket onto the camshaft. It looks like the timing mark should be on the front side of engine and the index mark on the cam holder will be in one of the holes in the cam sprocket just below the motor mount on the frame. It sayes to make sure to use locking agent to sprocket bolt threads.

:bonk: you have one to many wheels...

here are some pictures of what i am talking about


the cam sprocket lined up on the marks


where the punch mark is when the piston is at tdc

this is the right mark... right?


Where the t mark lines up at tdc

I don't kno how i could have put anything back together wrong?

Any1 have any ideas?

The cam looks right, but the crank gear is wrong. The picture in my book shows the punch mark on the crank gear going forward toward a small triangle mark just at the front of the plug hole. I can see the mark in your picture too but it is a little hard for the glare. Looks to be just out side of where the O ring would seal I think.

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