2002 Polaris Sportsman 90 No Spark Need Help



I'm a new transfer from ThumperTalk.

I have a 2002 Polaris Sportsman 90 that up until a couple of days ago ran pretty good, but was occasionally hard to start.

It would flood and load up, run for a few seconds and cut off. The spark seemed kind of weak.

Now it doesn't have any spark at all. I have a new CDI box, which changed nothing, and the thing has a brand new carb (electric choke version).

It hasn't run much since I did the top end, so low compression is out as a starting problem. The mechanics at the local shop were young kids, and really didn't seem to know anything.

I do have a manual, but it isn't real helpful.

I will be checking back often, but will be at AMA Vintage Days this weekend.

First make sure the battery is fully charged. Second, ensure that all your electrical connections are good and tight. This includes any ground straps or ground connections as this can be a cause of many electrical gremlins. After this, the only other areas would be to have the coil checked as it may no be dumping full voltage to the spark plug. However, when they fail, they usually just blow out like a fuse and won't fire at all. The other area to check would be the stator. Not only does it have windings on it for charging the electrical system. It also has seperate windings for the ignition system.

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