Left Hand Canyon in Colorado

Wondering if anyone has ridden in the Left Hand Canyon area latley or is there still too much snow Im looking to do some riding on thurs or fri of this week but dont want to go to a track Have been doing that all winter. Any one have any ideas in Colorado other than Pueblo I live in Fort Collins.I do know that there is a forum for areas but I dont think that many people check it daily. Thanks TT'rs


Sorry it took so long to read this. Benn busy. My advice is to call the Boulder Ranger District and ask about conditions. If they don't sound like they know what they are talking about, ask to talk to the LEO.


This is one of my local stomping grounds and it is clear for the most part. We rode this a couple weekends ago and it was clear at that time, except for up on top. I'm assuming that it is almost completely clear, except for some shadows at this point. It was loaded with jeepers and riders, due to it just opening up at that point and being probably the only mountain ride open in the northern front range, but this shouldn't be the case on a weekday.

Carlisle, I'm still interested in that manual and smashed high boy if you still have it. Let me know...

I'm sure you can ride most of Left Hand Canyon. We typically ride there all winter since there are so many South facing hills.

It's too late now but next year, go out to the Pawnee National Grasslands and bring the trials bike. It's open from November thru. the beginning of April. You can mess around there for a day and it's free as long as you have a plate or OHV sticker.

Pawnee National Grasslands

Maybe we can hook up sometime and ride Moody Hill or Green Ridge trail later in the year.


John :)

Does somebody have some directions to the Left hand Canyon area? I would like to try something alittle different until the mountains start to open up.



Access: From Boulder, CO take Highway 36 North 4-5 miles to Lefthand Canyon Drive/94 Road. Take Lefthand Canyon Drive West a few miles. You will pass campground/parking area on your right prior to reaching the trail head at (Latitude: N40°6.499' Longitude: W105°20.156').

Thanks for the info. What's the terrian like? More like Divide/Rampart or open area? Is it a large riding area or only a small amount of trails? Inquiring minds would like to know.... :)

Rocky, loose & steep. Loaded with 4x4's in Carnage Canyon so you can take some beers in there at the end of the ride and watch them tear up the trucks. You can ride there for several hours easy and get a good work out.

Lots of rednecks up there shooting everything including the kitchen sink, which they do bring with them. Last fall we went up there and 2 guys had a AR-15, Uzi and a 50 caliber bipod mounted assault rifle. All fully automatic.


hhhmmmm- doesn't sound like a good place for inexperience or kids :):D


Thanks alot guys as for the Grass lands have been there a ton was there on the 7th of April and had a great ride it closed on the 9th so now Im looking elsewhere to ride. Its cool to see so many riders from Colorado where else do you guys like to ride?

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