Lt80 flooding


This is my first post so i hope it works . I'm working on a 2000 lt80 and its dumping gas bad . Theres two lines coming out of the petcock and fuel comes out both lines . One was going to the carb and somebody had the other line capped off . Is this other line supposed to go to the carb ? Is it a vent or a vacume line and shold fuel be coming out of this line or is the petcock messed up ? Any help would be greatly appreciated . Thank alot .

I'll look at ours and get to you on Monday. Maybe someone will chime in before then.

K . Thanks

One line is a vacum line that should go to the carb.... when the petcock is turned to the on position, the petcock will not release fuel to the carb through the other line until a vacum is present on the vacum line. When the petcock is turned to prime, it will release fuel to the carb without the need of a vacum.

My buddy just gave me his 05 lt80 to fix... it is having the same problem to the point that the crankcase fills with gas and you cant turn the motor over. OEM part stores do not sell parts for the petcock... you have to replace the whole thing... about 75.00... and you need to replace the float stop in the carb...about 30.00 for the assembly.

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