2009 Polaris outlaw 90 -vs- Yam Raptor 90.... Brake problems?


I'm trying to decide between the 2009 Yam 90 Raptor and the Polaris 90 Outlaw.

I was leaning towards the Polaris, but then I started reading about alot of

brake failure problems with the Outlaw....... What's up? Is this BS? Do they have brake problems?

I've never owned any Polaris stuff.... but the local Yamaha/ Polaris/Suzuki dealer says "he likes Polaris ATV's the best". (Yeah... and I like cherry vanilla ice cream... so what!)

It's for my 10 y/o daughter as a first ATV.


ok.... I got the raptor 90. The kids love it. Even my 2 horsey girls admit it's fun!:bonk:

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