Found an Automatic


Hey I'm looking to buy an ATV and found a TRX450R on craigslist, listed for $2800 and looks amazing. But in the title it states its an automatic? How can that be? There is no such thing as a TRX450R auto?

Here's the link:

Description: Walsh flow +3 A Arms

Walsh Steering Stem

Walsh swingarms with savior linkage

Fox dsc front shocks and podium x rear shock

precision steering stabalizer

vortex cdi box

dasa intake with yfz airfilter or 06 honda filter

Doesn't mention anything about the automatic in the description, only in title. Are auto's just as good as manuals? Can more problems arise from an auto than a manual?

Pretty obvious it has been raced, so take that into consideration!!! Racing is particularly hard on frames.

Clutches like the Rekluse are of the "autoclutch" design, and work like the clutches on the utilities like the Recon, Rancher, and Foreman lines for example.

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