'09 Big Bear


What can you tell me about this machine? I have been looking at midsize quads for a while now. I have been wanting a new quad for a year or so and still have not purchased one. I thought I was set on the King quad 450 until I read up in the Big Bear a little more. It will be used for general farm work, plowing, trail riding, and possibly with my landscaping business. Form reading up, it sounds like the 386cc motor is tough adn the simplicity of the machine is a plus for me. Is EFI and cvt trans really worth the extra coin?

well that motor is bulletproof. uncles 1992 has been well used and still runs like a champ. pulls harder than most automatic (belt drive) machines.

i have seen one break traction all 4 wheels while trying to pull a forklift and this one was beat bad (almost rdy for scrap as all akles and diffs where in bad shape). the other bike (different brand) would not even try to spin the wheels pulling same load.

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