Most Fun ATV

I'd like to hear people's input about the most fun ATV they've ever ridden. Sometimes the big, bad tough racers are not as fun as the smaller play bikes.

So let's have it, the funnest bike you've ever ridden and alongside of that the type of riding you were doing. (i.e. Banshee on the Dunes, or ATC90 in a Mud Puddle :bonk:)

The funnest atv for me was an '85 200x w/a trans planted '86 motor, a four inch extended swingarm and basic mods. This was an excellent wheelie,hill-climb and trail machine. I really miss it......

I have never come close to having the pure fun that I had on the little Yamaha Blaster when I was a beginner! The Honda Recon is a real peach as well.

For pure speed, a desert race preped Honda 450R. For 4X4 fun, the spunky little Honda Rancher 420.


I've always ridden 3 wheelers and just a few quads. For pure speed my yz250 was the best, but it is nowhere near the most fun bike I've ridden. The 250R I liked, but I think the most fun was probably the '83 200x on cool mountain trails.

I have not ridden them all, but my old rancher was alot of fun on the trails, for all out kick ass speed, its hard to beat a Raptor, fast and easy to ride.:bonk:

My '86 ATC250R set the bar pretty high for suspension quality, handling, power and all-around fun. I knew the end was near when a freind with much less experience beat me on a TT track with a stone stock TRX250R. My ATC was faster, and had we been on the same machine, I'd always beaten him in the past, but that 4th wheel made it so much more stable and made him faster. My current YFZ450 is a great machine, and in my opinion it has the perfect balance of speed, handling, reliability and fun. I think all the newer thumpers are about the same in that category, pick a color and ride. But for all out fun, my dune-only Banshee was and is the ultimate fun maker. I bought it new and left it stock for about an hour. The chassis was lightened and powder-coated white, which looked nice next to the all-red ('87 tank cover and '89 fenders) plastic. The entire suspension was chromed as was every part that could be unbolted from the engine and chassis. Pegs, shifter, kickstarter, all the controls and all the chassis bolts were chromed. The swingarm was a +5" unit and due to the motor, it needed it. The motor was a full-tilt sand dragger built by JD racing and although it was still 350cc's it featured ported cylinders, a shaved head, bored carbs, lightened pistons and flywheel, blueprinted trans and anything else the builder recommended. It also had chromed FMF pipes and a K&N filter and was a rocket. When that wasn't enough, I added nitrous oxide and there wasn't a whole lot of quads and trikes I lost to in those days. I felt like King Kong pulling up to the line on that thing, I knew as long as I got a decent start, the nitrous button would usually take care of the rest. Fun, fun, fun...

Well...the only wheelers ive had are the 84 suzuki 125 lol a 250ex and my just got back warrior!!! But ide have to say the honda was the funnest cause it was so light (meaning easy wheelies :bonk:) and i always rode to impress lol.

But now on my warrior i just put an 02 engine in it and it smokes white/gray but doesn't burn oil and the spark plug electrode is still white but the bottom ring is black n dry not knowing whats wrong with it makes it not so fun to me anymore:(

A mid 80's Honda ATC110. That thing was a blast. I want another!

haven found mine yet.. my well built blaster was fun but too small,my banchee was the funest insane thing on earth like a personal roller coaster on crack..but sucked on trails and other stuff i like to do..and no reverse or electric start made me sell it. my 660 raptor is all around great,but has had major problems that already cost me 2 times what i paid for it..and it is useless in the snow. i need a 4x4 that is fast,jumps,wheelies,and can go anywhere,needs to be a standard and not break everythime i use it..then ill brag about it!

400ex by far. I take mine everywhere and there's no boring places on it. I got bored on my friends yfz450 in about 20min.

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