Timing Question?


Okay, I just put a new top end in a 1995 Timberwof 250, I was wondering if anybody knows how to check the timing I see the mark on cam gear! Can anybody help?

Make sure the engine is at top dead center (on the compression stroke) by checking the arrow at the viewing port on the crankcase cover. It should be pointing at the other mark. Place the timing chain onto the cam sprocket. Install the cma sprocket onto the camshaft and finger tighten the sprocket bolt.

NOTE: when installing the cam sprocket, keep the timing chain as tense as possible on the exhaust side. Align the match mark on the cam sprocket with the stationary pointer on the cylinder head. Insert your finger in the cam chain tensioner hole and push the cam chain damper inward. While pushing the timing chain damper, make sure the match mark and pointer remain aligned. Tighten the cam sprocket nut to 42 ft/lbs. This is all from my manual on a 1993 Timberwolf I own.

Awesome thank-you very much great help!!!!!

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