good trail sport atv


ok, im looking for a good trail sport atv that can do pretty much everything, im stuck between the KFX700 and the trx400x, im leaning to the kfx because of the auto tranny but the trx because it is wayy!!!:bonk:

If youre two choices are the kfx and the EX,then the EX hands down! Some people opt for the Z400/KFX400 as well. My son-in-law has a Z and although it has more options than My sons EX, I like the EX far!!

I'm Curious why those 2? Since this is in the Kawi section, why not the KFX450? It's liquid cooled, has reverse, wayy more power, better suspension, FI, and It's wayy lighter than the EX as well?

I'm Curious why those 2? Since this is in the Kawi section, why not the KFX450? It's liquid cooled, has reverse, wayy more power, better suspension, FI, and It's wayy lighter than the EX as well?

im not really interested in the kfx450 because i dont want an mx bike, i ride a lot of longg trails

OK, I wouldn't call a stock width KFX any more of a MX bike than the EX. I'm not sure what the range of the 450's fuel tank is, but we race hare scrambles and can get 30+ miles out of a tank at race pace on our LTR's.

Good luck

kfx450 with a bigger tank.

I would definately go with the kfx 450r it has reverse and thefrontwidth is shorter than the zukes and yama. there has been alot of kfx 450rs on the xc track as well as the mx track. I just purchased mine and i like xc trails way better than the mx track but the mx traks are mostly were i live so its nice to know i have the optionof doing either with out any changes other than running 6 ply tires. With that being said the new 2010 yamaha 450rs have a mx and a xc trail bike same power and setup just the xc has a shorter front end and higher capacity fuel tank

i recomend a 450 and ims makes a nice tank for the money

I'm Curious why those 2? Since this is in the Kawi section, why not the KFX450? It's liquid cooled, has reverse, wayy more power, better suspension, FI, and It's wayy lighter than the EX as well?

and more ground clearance and only .5 " wider................. kfx450 over a 400 all day

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    • By luke8500
      Hi all,
      I have a 2004 Kawasaki kx250 that died suddenly on me the other day. all i can get it to do is backfire every once in awhile. Tested the resistance and everything of the magneto and stator with a multi-meter and all is good.  Coil is new oem Kawasaki the reeds are brand new vforce and the top end and carb have been completely rebuilt.  key on crank is intact and all the timing marks are lined up. I hooked a timing light to it and spun the motor over really fast and found that it is sparking way to late.  The service manual says that it is supposed to fire 14 degrees before TDC but it is sparking way after TDC.  Im thinking its a fried CDI box since its the only thing i wasnt able to check.  Any help would be appreciated
    • By luke8500
      Hi all,
      I have a 2004 kx 250 2 stroke and it wont start.  it only backfires.  I was out riding it one day and came up to a stop so the bike was just idling and it started to try and die so i revved it up a few times then let it die and now it wont start back up.  It only pops or backfires when you kick it.  Its getting good spark and i just put a brand new plug and coil in it. I took the reeds apart and they look like they're brand new.  It was running great before so i dont know what happened.  Im thinking it could be a fuel problem even tho the plug is a little wet if you take it out after a bunch of kicking.  Any help would be greatly appreciated 
    • By beeboob00p
      Bandit 1200s
      Asking Price
      2200 OBO
      Contact Info
      281-731-86 three 9

      Howdy Everyone

      Today I am looking to sell my 2004 suzuki bandit 1200s for 2200 OBO. I have owned this for over 3 years and it was my daily the whole time. Yes, every day rain or shine. It never let me down and has been the best to me. I love it to death, but now that I have graduated with a big boy job that involves lots of travel. It is time to move on to something newer and more economical. It has loads of mods and general maintance parts to help it have a great life with me and continue on with it's next owner. Current real mileage is around 30k and the title is clear in MY NAME. 

      Videos of start up and just it idling]
      It was well maintained. 
      Valve adjustments done early (will include special adjustment tool with sale)
      Holshot Stage 1 jet kit
      Holshot Ignition Advance
      Holshot Slip on
      New chain and sprockets
      New Spark plug
      New airfilter
      Renthal Handle Bar
      Shorty Levers
      Upgraded windscreen (great for long trips)
      Suspension Adjusted and dialed in properly
      Price is flexible 
      Mileage is exempt (the speed sensor was broken when I first got it so it didn't record mileage until recently. Everything is now working properly)
      Has been down before (damage shown in pictures)
      Some other cosmetic issues from being used every day (general chips from rocks and small stuff you can't see in pictures)
      Windshield vibrates due to height 
      Exhaust rattles a bit (will include new muffler mount bushing to fix this) 
      I'm sure I'm missing plenty of stuff but this should be a great start on what this vehicle has to offer. If you have any other questions or would like more pictures, videos, details on anything please let me know. I'll be happy to work with you.
      At this time I am only looking at cash offers for the bike. No payments, sorry. Also I must note that no joyrides either. You bring the cash in full and I will let you test drive. You hold the title, I hold the cash. You drop it no harm done, because you keep the bike and I keep the cash. 
      At the time of sale you and I will sign the title and we will fill out the proper paperwork for the transfer of the vehicle on the spot. Sorry, but I Have been burned in the past. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy what you see.
      The best way to contact me is by phone. I'm not on this forum much, but feel free to text or call away and I would be glad to respond to any questions you might have. Thanks,
      -Frankie 281-731-86 three 9
    • By DeSoto17
      I was wondering if anyone had any advice on the KLR250 vs the KLR650.
      I'm 16, 6'0 and like 160lbs and I grew up on a CRF80F and got a TT-R225 not too long ago, but it wasn't long before I realized this isn't the bike for me. The vast majority of my friends ride dual sports, and I thought I would love to get a dual sport too. I'm going to be mostly on-road with some off-road trail/woods riding. I've had offers for 2 different bikes:
      My 2004 TT-R225 for either:
      2008 KLR650
      1992 KLR250
      I want to get something that's more bang-for-the-buck but not something that is going to cost a comfortable ride, you know? I heard the 650's are heavy and they're very underpowered, but I don't know.. I just wanted to see what the KLR riders have to say between the 2.

    • By Eric Finck
      Well, just got a KD125 (Im pretty sure it is). Its a 1973, didnt run. Had been sitting for a while, i sprayed some carb cleaner in the intake and kicked it over a few times. On the 8th or so kick, it backfired right out the intake. So im guessing it was pulled apart and the rotary valve was installed backwards. My trouble right now is finding parts. I know im going to need a clutch, and probably a shift lever assembly (The end where the shifter goes on was bent, im guessing the bike was dropped). I will upload some pics as soon as i can. If anyone knows where i can get parts (A parts diagram with numbers would be amazing) let me know.