2006 Predator 500 Jetting


I am trying to get the proper jetting on my Predator and am wondering who makes the factory carb for this bike. I am running a 180 jet and its still too lean. How much larger can I get. I have my lows and mids but top end is still cutting out.

Just a list of what I have done to the bike: Full Exhaust system DMC Afterburner Competition, Replaced the Factory intake with a big bore tube and K&N cone filter, Installed a Dynatek FS Ignition System. Installed a Procom Ignition Rectifier.

How do you know it is still to lean?

i have a 04 predator and it has a stock miniku...i think is how its spelled, thats all i can help with

its mikuni

Its cutting out on top end because your to rich, not lean.. I ran a 175mj and it ran fine.

When I had a predator with same set up I was using a 190 main jet

All I can tell you is top end cutting out like hitting a rev limiter to quickly is too rich of a main jet. If its takes a long time to rich top end speed and quites pulling that means to lean. Perhaps you should play with needle positions.

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