04' trx450


Im looking at buyn an 04' TRX450 and just wondering if that particular year had any specific problems I should be on the lookout for.

Any advice would be appreciated

The 04/05 engine is different from the later years. Honda overbuilt this engine, and a lot of desert race teams will not run later models. It has a slightly longer stroke, so it has a little more low end. It also has an oil cooler, which later models do not have.

I have no complaints about the frame, except that the quad is a little to narrow. I solved this with a set of ITP Baja rims and Holeshot XC tires, which saves the expense of getting aftermarket a-arms, an axle, and new suspension. The rims are wider and have a greater of offset than stock, and the tires are wider as well, so I end up +3-4" wider, for a nice increase in stability. One must take the time to properly adjust the stock suspension!

If you are catching real big air, you may have an issue with the frame tubes right below the fuel tank. That seems to be the weak spot on the earlier TRX's.

there were alot of problems with the 04's. It was the first year and they had cooling problems, electrical and ignition issues at times. Not to mention that frame issue under the tank. Look for an 05 if you can find one the price shouldnt be much different.

2008 trx 450r

Rossier exhaust

Blingstar nerfs, bumper, and grab

Fox evol shox

to much more

I have two 04's. One that we bought brand new and got reamed for on Valentines day of 04'. This bike has been ridden HARD with many many hours on it and we have not had one single problem with it. It still runs good! That's pretty good if you ask me. We liked it so much that we bought another one last year and rode it all season with no problems. The only major problems that I have heard of with 04/05's is that the cam bearing has failed several people. Like I said, we have yet to have a problem... but the one that we bought new is probably due for a top end.

My 450r that we bought used has long travel suspension with those new Fox Evol Floats. Let me tell you, it is a smooooooooooth ride!

04 and 05 models are just fine if you do good maintance on the quad, mainly engine oil changes. The crank bearings mainly the right crank bearing will go bad if the crank is walking back and forth in the cases under hard acceleration.

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