2001 Raptor plastic fenders


What Raptor years plastics will fit the 2001 Raptor? What years heel keeper will fit. I'm missing left side heel keeper (what is proper name for that part ) :applause:including bracket. Who has best prices on fenders?? Just got quad yesterday. Stock except for White Bros muffler. My other bike is an 06 CRF450X. Lost cotrol of the raptor yesterday, sent me flying like Superman. It's going to take some time getting use to a Quad. Pictures are coming soon. Thanks!:bonk:

I have 05 plastic on my 02, I think most stuff is the same on the 01 to 05 with only a few thing's different. Aftermarket heel guards are the same on 01 to 04 according to www.prm-atv.com. As far as prices, the cheapest plastic would have to be ebay! I think new plastic for the front is about $300 and rear around $250. I got some from rocky mountain atv for my quadzilla.


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