2002 suzuki eiger, blows ignition fuse?


i got my dads eiger running a day or 2 ago.. and i had it down in some nice mudding trails where alot of people go in jeeps and stuff. and i was riding it and i stoped and shut it off...

after i ready to leave i got on and the neutral light wouldnt come on, not even the reverse light... i checked the fuses and the ignition fuse was blown out, a 20.. i changed it and as soon and i turned the key it poped again... i dont know what its from but after i pushed it down the hill. i changed the fuse again and i started but i was going up a hill to getout of there and there was a jeep and as soon as i hit the rear brake it shut off and blew a fuse... i heard it has somthing to do with the rear break light switch grounding out on the motor?..

any answers please?:bonk::bonk:

it had water in the fuse block....eigers are good for that when u start getting water up to the seat :bonk:

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