Newby with questions


Hi, I'm new to the site for the most part and new to four wheelers in general. I've rode and raced motorcycles all my life but I'm sort of old now and things have changed. Like I'm old and I have a 13yr. old son. I got my first quad in March (1987 250x) and my second (2005 250ex) a couple months later. I really like both bikes, the new one is the kids. My question is I've got a decient 300ex frame (1996), and most of the suspension parts. I've also got the ratty plastic I just need the motor or electronics, gas tank,and seat. I've got big plans to strip it all and build a quad from scratch. Actually I got it all in piecies now. Is it a good idea to start like this to build a nearly stock bike or should I cut my losses as I have now about $140 in this so far. Next Question if I do build a bike from the ground up do I paint or power coat the frame. I'm tempted to just paint it all flat metallic with a rattle can as it's good paint and touch ups are so easy it's stupid. I think that is enough for now and if the answer is go I'll try to put some pics in this thread and any more that concern the build.

Oh well, It's not got wheels tires and a few other important parts so I don't know what to do. I'll probably build it in the end but i'll take my questions else where. If I could figure out how to delete this thread I would, soory to wast anybody time who read this as I woun't continue here.

Sorry that you are so disappointed that you didn't get the response to a new post that is 12 hours old and those hours were during the middle of the night.

I'll close the thread for you as requested.

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