lt250r no spark what to look for


so i recently was trying to start my 1985 lt250r the other day after having it sit for a couple weeks due to a leaky needle and seat and it wouldnt start. it ran fine when i had it going before the needle and seat started leaking so i parked it cause i was wasting alot of gas. so me and my dad tried pulling it behind the other wheeler and it would pop but not start or run. we stopped and i pulled the spark plug out and there is no spark. so i started by unplugging the kill switch, that didnt do it. idk what else to try or where to start. any help would be greatly appreciated!! also, when i did have it running before it kicks back really hard when i try starting it and my dad said it might be the timing, its too far advanced he said maybe where do i set the timing at on the stator? is there a mark to set it at?

The timing is set at the crank with the key and is not adjustable.You said it popped? Like it was trying to start? You can check the coil and stator with an ohm meter. But they are known for shearing the key under the flywheel so I would check that also. There is alot of info at and the guys are very helpful to new guys.

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