Road Legal Quads?


Hi all,

I'm new on this forum but been riding quads for a few years here in the UK. I have a road legal Pred 500 TLD now and had a Kymco KXR250 ( Mongoose) for 3years before that. Have done about 15,000 road miles around the south east of the UK over the years. I do off road sites and trails ( or green lanes as we know them here) as well but they're few and far between as the local authorities here seem to want to exclude off-roaders from the legal off-road routes as much as poss or so it seems. Hence I do loads of road miles and country lanes.

Does anyone else ride a quad on the road outside of Europe? What are the rules where you are?





To the best of my knowledge, there is no such thing as a street legal ATV in California.

That is why I ride a dual sport motorcycle. I can ride trails and fire roads when we go camping, but I can also ride it to the store to get things we forgot to bring.

Texas doesn't license ATV's either. It's really a shame too. I also ride a dual sport motorcycle. Mine is an '06 DR650SE that I bought new. Of course all my toys are made possible by my wonderful and loving wife!!!

I've heard that certain states in the USA are quad friendly to the extent that they can be ridden on the road. Montana? Utah? Any others?? Would like to know for the next time I visit for a holiday:ride:

I think there are some areas around the Hatfield/McCoy trail system were it is legal to ride ATV's on State and County roads. I've never heard of Utah allowing ATV's to be registered for road use, and I spent a lot of time there. Unless it was withing the last five or six years. I think they can be ridden on improved and unimproved county roads (nothing with pavement), but I'm not sure. The best bet would be to contact their departments of transportations or motor vehicles of the states you intend to visit. More than likely you can find the information you are looking for online.

im not 100% sure on all the legalities, but in iowa you can pretty much use anything with a motor and wheels on the highway legally for 2 miles (for "farm use") as long as you have special markers for a slow moving vehical. theres a small farm town near where i live some of the kids drive thier atvs to school. outside of city limits the cops dont really do anything unless your being reckless and whatnot.

No mate, no road legal ATVs here. I lived in East Anglia for three years, only been back here in the states for about a year now, and loved seeing quads on the roads over there. I was absolutely amazed the first time I saw one. I wanted one but never bit the bullet and bought. I stuck to exploring the countryside on a two wheels. I never looked into it because I just figured the DVLA would charge something like a bazillion pounds for some obscure convenience, or coolness, tax or something like that.


In Arizona, Idaho and Utah you can

Must add Liability insurance or alternative insurance

Muffler that U.S. Forest Service approved spark arrestor and Your muffler has to pass 96db at the half-meter test.

Brake/Tail light

Headlight with Low/High Beam

Horn audible at 200 feet


Speedometer that illuminated for nighttime operations

Amber electric turn signals, one on each side, both front and rear

White tail lamp or other lamp to illuminate the license plate

Check with your DMV

So in other words it's got to meet DOT requirements!

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