Predator Coolant


I have a question about coolant change. I drained all the coolant from the radiator, and res bottle. Both were where they should be before draining. My concern is that there wasn't that much coolant that drained, and the quantity I put back in was less than specs. Is there a block plug or something I am missing.


You will retain coolant in the cylinder head and cylinder cooling jacket. How did you drain the coolant?

Took the coolant hose off on the block side, then took off res and drained it. I got a decent amount, but it didn't seem like it was enough. I also bumped the ingition a few times to turn the pump.

There will be some air pockets in the cooling jackets. Once the engine has heated and cooled back down the coolant in the resevoir will be drawn into the cooling jackets. Keep an eye on the resevoir as it is cooling and add premixed coolant as necessary to keep it from sucking air. Once the engine is completely cool (allow to sit over night), fill the resevoir back up to the cold line. This should take care of any air bubbles in the jacket and be pretty close to the required amount as listed in the manual. Remember coolant will not flow back into the jackets past the thermostat until it has heated up and opened. That is why a lot of old hot rodders would drill a small hole in the thermostat to prevent an air bubble from blocking the coolant from the thermostat preventing it from opening and cooking the engine.

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