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Suzuki please help shed some light? starting issues

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So my 06 ltz 400 has the valve spring upgrade kit and a high compression pston in it. everything is pretty new, had it done about 7-8 months ago but hardly any ride time. anyways it seems its always been kinda hard to start or turn over i guess is a better way to put it. I just thought it was the compression and let it go. battery checks out perfect, but when i push the starter button its like the compression is so much it barely wants to turn over but when it does she cranks. well last week i went out to start it and things got worse, it will start but it takes awhile, lots of cranking it over and what appears to be happening is the starter sounds like its just spinning freely, which is weird cause it doesnt have a bendix atleast from what i can tell. so i put the bike in gear move it alittle back and fourth and try to restart this time it turns over really tough and then bam she cranks. once i get it warmed up 89% of time she'll start right back up, but every now and again it will have the same symptoms...agghhhhhh its very annoying, should have left the stock piston in it, i know that much.. so what gives, battery again checks out perfect, all electrical connections are solid. i pulled the gears out where the starter is and all looked ok???? please shed some light.. im thinking its either in the crank case or top end? timing?

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