Well the bike is almost complete the way I want it to be.Just got a couple small little details to complete and she will be ready to rock the motard world.I was riding yesterday and noticed that at around 70kmh-90kmh in 4-5th gear and this is while riding at this speed for a good while, that the engine seems to hick-up here and there.The engine rocks while gunning it through the gears but when riding at a consistant speed over 50kmh it will studder and hick-up.Its hard to explain what I'm talking about but am just woundering if anyone else out there that is desert riding or street riding notices this and what a fix or remedy would I try to do to help this (BEAUTIFUL MOTORCYCLE)out.Maybe I should just try and think of how to explain this more clearly and repost. :D:)

You might be rich on your needle. If the problem seems to be in the 1/4 to 1/2 throttle area and not full throttle you will need to move your needle clip up (towards the top) for leaner jetting. :)

Cool man thnx I will try it out and let you know the result.

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