Timberwolf rear end

I found a great deal on a complete timberwolf that runs and looks decent for $220. Problem is he says the rear end is tore out. What would I have to replace for sure as I am on a reallly tight budget and dont want to have to drop a wad on this I just want something cheap to have fun on. It comes with all the parts but some are broken/bent

Here is a pic:


pic was deleted.

my guess is that the splines on the rear axle are stripped. happens a lot on the older 4x4 yam bikes. the options are to replace the rear axle with a new one or get the splines re-built on yours if it is straight. got my uncles rebuilt for $150.00 canadian. might get lucky and find one used at a scrap yard or on ebay.

Thanks for replying I posted a new pic

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