Warn 424


Hey all,

Finally got around to installing the 424 on my Rancher 350. I am having some trouble with locking it into 2 wheel drive.

I followed the directions and adjusted it till the knob consistently locked when pulled. When I took it for a spin tonight the knob wouldn't lock. I adjusted it some more and took another spin only to find the knob wouldn't lock into place when I pulled it. I adjust and adjust, but its not locking in consistently.

Any advice?



I have the same 424 on my 2004 Rancher and it works fine. It was installed by the dealer when the machine was new. I don't think there is a stop or "notch" to lock the button back. Could it be the latch part is faulty?

dont keep twisting the cable in circles or you will pop the cable

pull it out and twist slightly towards the notch it should lock

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