Raptor 350 w/ Oil Leak (nuetral sw)!


My wife's '05 350 has a very small and slow leak that is coming from the 'neutral switch assembly' on the side of her case right next to her gear shift lever.


The leak results in a quarter size puddle daily and I have since cleaned it up and tried 2 separate applications of silicone thus far. The problem has not been corrected.

Just curious if anyone has been down this road and can offer some advice/instruction.


I would try replacing the switch. When installing the new one make sure the threads in the case are good. Use a little Teflon ( plumber's ) tape on the threads of the switch. Don't get too carried away. The threads still have to ground to the case for the switch to work.

Thanks. I'm gonna do just that.

I am kind of assuming but I think this serves 2 purposes.

1. The neutral light on the handle bar molding

2. Allows ignition to turn-over, (starting the bike) when neutral is detected

If I'm correct on the above, AND If I still have a problem with it do you think it would be a ok just capping it off and looping the electrical connection so the circuit is either open or closed whichever allows me to start the bike?

That should work. I don't have intimate knowledge of a Warrior's wiring but it should be easy enough to figure out. Turn the key on with the wire to the switch disconnected and see if the neutral light comes on. If it doesn't, secure the wire and call it done. If it comes on, try grounding the wire and see if it goes out. For safety's sake we want the light to be out so that the clutch has to be pulled in to get the starter to crank.

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