What do I need??

Hi Guys. Looking for some advice on a trip I'm taking this fall to Ontario. I'll be deer hunting there for the 1st time with my atv. We'll be traveling about 4-6 miles back into the bush everyday and besides the obvious like a working winch, tow strap, gps, etc what else may I need for the bike?? I am anticipating that we will be in some nasty, muddy s#@t on a daily basis.

Any suggestions??:bonk::banana::bonk:


I would check on any permits required along with tire patch kit, air pump, basic tools, etc. Canada is pretty good about the border but you know how Gov agencies feel about proper permits.

Cold and wet weather gear (think layers for you) plus WD40 to dry the ignition out if it get wet. Handlebar gaiters or bark busters to deflect/keep the cold air off your hands. More than one pair of waterproof boots (they're not waterproof when the water is deeper than the boots are)! Also, something to communicate with besides a cell phone such as a CB radio or FSRM/GSRM radios.

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