NO SPARK.. 05 yfz 450


I just rebuilt the top end, got her all back togther and NO SPARK..... it cranks over, getting fuel, even have a kick start, I have a sore leg now...... ok so I've swapped out sparks plugs, spark plug coil, stator, CDI, checked connections...... I'm at a loss and about to roll it off a cliff!!!!:bonk::bonk:

If it cranks over, shouldn't all my switches be ok??? could the starter not be turning fast enough?? I've had the throttle switch and clutch switch not hooked up for a long time, could that be my problem now??

CAN YA HELP A BROTHER OUT!!!!!!:bonk::bonk:

faulty kill switch?

^^That or a blown fuse. Never worked on a YFZ before but it should have a fuse box.

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